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Welcome my friends.  After a rather harrowing  period which saw a downward spiral of suicidal thoughts and self hate I am taking the positive steps to heal. For years I have been suppressing my shame, pain, violence, debauchery,  promiscuity, vices and my fucked up family.  The energy taken to suppress and play normal has had a huge effect on me and I want to be free from the past.  Now ready to release my sins and heal, I thought a fabulous healing process would to be to finally share my inner thoughts and experiences. Over the next one hundred days I will expell one demon at a time…… xoxo

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Intoxicating love morphed into tears and pain, it is time to let go…………..

I thought I found my true love, a friend for my soul. My old true love, my first young love, you came back to me.

Reminiscing reigns, our beautiful youthful memories , we connected like no time has passed.

Empowered with warm words I foolishly believed I was your muse.

Bedazzled with warm words my mind would silence and lose all sensibility and the heart ruled.

Your attention and devotion sounded genuine and true. The heart fell for ever word.

So caught up in feelings, I forget to think, I forget pass pains.

Your soft voice whispers sweetness and my vulnerabilities amplify but I surrender to you my love. You are my weakness.

Then from nowhere silence.

That removal is cruel, so unkind and not love, my love.

Leaving me so you can create crisis to avoid commitment, growth, to stalk shallow paths and empty highs.

Inflicting silence as a shock factor, punishment, is this an ending or intermission, you leave me hanging.

Intoxicating love morphed into tears and pain, it is now time to let go…………..forever.


Boiling up my broth

I’m currently doing a 3 day fast online via a support group on Facebook. I normally for a 18/6 fast every day, fast for 18 hours and only eat during a 6 hour timeframe. However, due to a cold damp winter I introduced breakfast back into my day. This resulted with me feeling hungrier than normal, wanting to eat non stop and my moods becoming imbalanced. I recently had 2 massive emotional meltdown downs and endless suicidal thoughts. Hence, a 3 day fast.

So, I’m half way through my fast, I choose to do a broth fast, and already I feel better. The hunger cravings are non existent and emotionally I am calmer. As my mind becomes clearer I am reevaluating my life. Detoxing my body leads to detoxification of the mind. I have been tolerating behaviour from friends that have made me very unhappy which increased my anxiety. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am best to detox the friends list, again.

Fasting can make life easier by making me focused. My body, mind and soul are connected and I’m more confident in my thoughts and feels. Sometimes I can be so lost in life that I can barely get out of bed to face people. My conclusion is that I’d rather be true to myself and on my own than living a life filled with people who don’t really care about me.

Only 36 more hours to go on my fast. Detox, detox, detox…………

Inner Light

Eclipsed by winter’s will the light is now just a shy shadow.

Laying low beneath my beating heart awaiting warmth and a fiery friend.

Come out my shy companion and shine.

The essence wanes in these months of grey sky’s and endless rain.

My soul hides undercover awaiting the illuminating sun.

So dark before the dawn, so much decay before the daffodils.

What lessons have I learnt for 2019?

As 2019 is drawing closer to an end I ask myself to reflect on what lessons I have learnt.

Firstly, there is always brightness to be found in dark situations, no matter how dark the situation is.

Walk, live and breathe with dignity. Living a dignified life will help you sleep better at night. Your shoulders will also not hold so much weight and your body won’t feel so heavy.

Never give up no matter how hard things become. I have been through hell and back with my son’s drug habit and incarceration. Just when I think he is making progress it is short lived and we seem to be back at square one, repeating the same cycle. But, I will not give up on him, even when things seem exasperated.

Good friends are hard to find. I have ended so many friendships this year. Some friends have lied, disrespected and bad mouthed me. I have a three strikes and your out motto. One friend drunkenly flirted with my husband three times and not once has she apologised. Another friend made jealous comments behind my back. I gave her three chances to apologise. Another friend used me and then played the victim when I explained my boundaries. Anyway, down to two friends.

Let go of ego.

Look after your soul and body and be kind to both.

My marriage has had some massive challenges and obstacles. However, with truth and honesty I have overcome these and we have become stronger. We have been together for nearly 20 years and at times we have spoke of separation. Talking openly with truth and honesty we have managed to communicate well, mend and heal. Be brave and honest.

Lastly, family is everything. My focus is on my family. I am going to keep our family strong. My vision is to one day to have a drug rehabilitation centre and I would like my son to be part of that. My mission is to help people with addiction issues and people who have lost their souls to find them.

What lessons have you learnt in 2019? Before the end of the year, I ask that you write these down and reflect.

What is your vision for 20/20?

My Muse

1000 pieces to the puzzle

My answer is not simple

Mystic deep layers

vibrate connection consumes

Swimming against the tide

break my chains , one travels

Across the water to breath and dance

journey for peace, truth and grace

deep inside my beating heart

I wandered through your eyes

instantly surrendering

sexual alchemy awoke, electrified awakenings

Past vanishing like floating autumn leaves

Standing still and gathering

While Attachments crumbled into dust

Heavens rain washes down stream

Cleansed souls awakened now smile

Energy flows


Today I really need a friend.

I could do with some reassurance.

Instead I lay here on my own, all teary.

I pondered the realisation of wandering alone.

Clearing the old to make way for the new.

Tonight I feel very lonesome.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY – by RUMI (Persian spiritual master of the thirteenth century responds)

Care, Bliss and the Universe

What is poison?

Anything but what we need is poison.”

It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, fear, anger, or whatever …

What is fear?
Non-acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

What is envy?

The non-acceptance of happiness in the other. If we accept, it becomes inspiration.

What is anger?

– The non-acceptance of what is beyond our control. If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

What is hate?

– Not accepting people as they are.

If we accept them unconditionally, then they become love.

What is spiritual maturity?

1. It’s when we stop trying to change others and focus on moving.

2. It is when we accept people as they are.

3. It is when we understand that all are successful according to their own perspective.

4. It is when you learn to “LET IT GO”.

5. It is when we…

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My souls journey

  • Our Heaven and our Earth depart from each other.

    My soul’s dignity commands a new direction.

    The truth leads us away from our polarised path.

    As your hearts energy ceased to flow, I stumble with this thought.

    My passionate spirit is wanting better.

    A mirrored kindred dancing soul!

    Difficult trials as I hold to my course, the moon lights my way.

    March pass killing fields where lay drama queens and dead poets,

    boring, bland bitches and curious old whispered legends.

    I take my journey far from your no mans land of silent purgatory and shadowing of light.

    I transcend my dignity up bright and far from my inferior invaders.

    Quote – C.G. Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus

    “My soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak, I call you – are you there? I have returned, I am here again. I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet, and I have come to you, I am with you. After long years of long wandering, I have come to you again. Should I tell you everything I have seen, experienced, and drunk in? Or do you not want to hear about all the noise of life and the world? But one thing you must know: the one thing I have learned is that one must live this life. Do you still know me? How long the separation lasted! Everything has become so different. And how did I find you? How strange my journey was! What words should I use to tell you on what twisted paths a good star has guided me to you? Give me your hand, my almost forgotten soul. How warm the joy at seeing you again, you long disavowed soul. Life has led me back to you. Let us thank the life I have lived for all the happy and all the sad hours, for every joy, for every sadness. My soul, my journey should continue with you. I will wander with you and ascend to my solitude.”
    ― C.G. Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus

    I absolutely love this passage.

    Do you know your soul?

    I lost mine but found it a few months ago and now we are best friends. It was the most friendliest homecoming inside me. I’m stronger and happier more now than ever. I love my soul.

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