The element within

I can accumulate in the heavens and float amongst the angels, falling heavily and harshly back to Earth.

Movement matters like a constant current, I’m at the mercy of the moon and stars.

Flowing with the wind and dancing with the breeze I endure the occurrence of change.

Weeping, sometimes weeping .

With stillness and calm I reflect.

I absorb all the offerings of glistening light and cold darknesses.

I mirror back what I see.

Still, sometimes still.

I can suffocate you until you can no long gasp, in motion I can flood my heart with rage, tempered with drowning sorrows.

My surroundings are at my mercy.

But never angry for too long in a blink morphing into a tranquil gentle night where I touch you softly.

Dawn’s thick air I touch your lungs when you breathe deeply.

Gentle, sometimes gentle.

My form is forever changing.

Life wants to play with me and consume me endlessly.

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