What haunts me

The cold silence has me standing still, airy shallow chills surrounds me.

My question has never been answered, the loneliness breeze swallowing swirling, fills the empty void.

So vacant the space, no humanity can be found, all faith crumbles to dust.

The only sound is my own sighs following a brief tear.

Calls for love are unheard.

Crying to be heard left unanswered.

Why don’t you love me.

No love from my mother forever haunts me.

2020 rolls towards an end………finally!


I celebrated the turn of the New Year having an evening with my husband. The house was quiet and calm with a cosy feeling. Early in the night we took some hallucinations, played some backgammon followed by sex on an exercise ball whilst laughing hysterically. I kept visualising the colour of green emeralds as he pumped away at me. The night seemed long and conversation was deep. As the psychedelics wore off later I lay awake thinking of what I wanted to achieve in 2020. There was an incredible desire for change and I begged to the universe for Devine intervention. I wanted some change to the world and normal routine. My life felt a bit dull and I was tiring of school runs, school run ins and just wanted to hide.

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I Ching reading for the day

I asked the I Ching what do I need to be aware of today and received hexagram 27 unchanged.

Providing Nourishment

Nourishing vision = unaware of its manifestation. Without changing lines this can be a message about the need to look at your desires. It can also suggest that you reap what you sow. You have your heart set on something but your insecurity may reveal itself in the mirror of what unfolds. Spending so much time thinking about negative outcomes has created a negative environment for you. If you want to experience life differently break out of your pattern of negativity and do a spring cleaning in your mind. Once all of the cobwebs have been cleared away, make a commitment to cultivate an open and non judgmental outlook daily. Slow down and relax. Spend a day just smiling and see how the world reacts to you. Reboot your mind into openness and watch the world open to you. Perhaps you have noticed this negativity in the ‘mirror’ of interactions with others? How you meet the world determines how it will respond to you. Examine the object of your desire to see if it is truly what will nourish you.

She sees

She sees with her soft heart her lover laying bare.

So tender the stare, they embrace drawing near.

In one another they discover their deep hidden desires.

A passion so strong, we would all lust and admire.

She sees with her gentle heart her lover being kind.

So tender the touch, all the heaven stars align.

She sees