Dancing with the darkness

Hades and Persephone in the underworld, interior of a Greek red-figured kylix (cup), from Vulci, c. 430 BCE; in the British Museum, London.

Lost in the dark shadows I cannot see.

Stumbling, trembling, the self preservation has extinguished.

My soul was murder, my dignity robbed as the morning mist rose.

Hades is whispering my name from below.

Sentenced to public examination and humiliation my soul faced a brutal death.

The intensity of living turned me into stone, I call upon the darkness to rise and breathe into this crumbling gravel.

The abyss below my surface has never ending aches and tremors. The earth has opened and swallowed me.

Who calls my name, wants to dance, take my hand to the underworld.

Who is there?

I see it’s you my dear friend and your friends opium, Valium, methadone and sister morphine.

Let’s dance the haze in the shadowy realms of darkness alone and together.

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An online transformation experience

With all the greatest intentions and wish for a spiritual awakening I stepped forward on April 1st with a vision. My vision was to be and become a more connected human being. I was to accomplish this via an online group of people doing a month long food cleanse together. We were a group of 7 Southern Hemisphere plus 6 Northern Hemisphere women with an additional wonderful male musician from Italy. It sounded very straight forward and luscious. Together as a group we would fast, meditate and support each other while eliminating nasty foods such as dairy, sugar,meat and coffee etc. What a great way to start lockdown.

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The element within

I can accumulate in the heavens and float amongst the angels, falling heavily and harshly back to Earth.

Movement matters like a constant current, I’m at the mercy of the moon and stars.

Flowing with the wind and dancing with the breeze I endure the occurrence of change.

Weeping, sometimes weeping .

With stillness and calm I reflect.

I absorb all the offerings of glistening light and cold darknesses.

I mirror back what I see.

Still, sometimes still.

I can suffocate you until you can no long gasp, in motion I can flood my heart with rage, tempered with drowning sorrows.

My surroundings are at my mercy.

But never angry for too long in a blink morphing into a tranquil gentle night where I touch you softly.

Dawn’s thick air I touch your lungs when you breathe deeply.

Gentle, sometimes gentle.

My form is forever changing.

Life wants to play with me and consume me endlessly.